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Plot Summary & Leads for Classroom Analysis:

  • The movie follows three youths over the course of a day and night, and as their growing need for revenge becomes apparent, so does their awareness of the anarchy that surrounds them.
  • The three main characters are young and in over their heads.The journey is powerful and gripping, culminating in an explosive ending that really hits home.
  • The three leading figures appear to be less the products of an ethnic specificity than a social milieu and that in turns problematizes the dichotomy of the dilemma of whether to exact their revenge or stand above it.
  • From the opening voiceover hurtling towards the ground, to the brutal ending, the movie moves you through the performances, that are terrific, and the screenplay, that does a fabulous job of building up the tension as the movie progresses.
  • Injured by a police inspector during an interrogation, Abdel is at a hospital, almost dead. In the suburbs where he lives, some riots happened during the night, and one policeman lost his gun. One of Abdel's friends, Vinz, finds it. Vinz and his two pals, Said and Hubert, have nothing to do so they try to kill time. Vinz swears that if Abdel dies, he will shoot a policeman.
  • Regardless of one's feelings and knowledge about the issues surrounding immigration, this movie shows how from the immigrants' perspective, the tensions of their new society can clash with those of their original ethnic society into a social climax.
  • However, this film is more about class rather than about race because it focuses more on appropriate behaviour, rather than on ethnic groups. Consequently, it appreas that by minimizing the issue of ethnic identity, the movie is emphasizing more on the geography of class delivered impecably through a black and white rendition of a socio-cultural conflict.
  • A classic example of this is evident in the gallery scene when the three characters leave after making a scene and a person at the gallery comments on the growing problem in the suburbs. The scene plays out as an example not only of the boys’ disenfranchisement on the educational level but also on a social level and implicitlely in some scenes as an example of bourgeois pretension against proletariat directness. The characters behave in the art gallery in a manner that doesn’t only alienate them from society, but also almost alienates them from the viewer who is aligned with them by virtue of the filmmakers’ focus.
  • The clichés in the movie are: 1. pretentious against the down to earth; 2. the poor against the rich, 3. the city-centred against the peripheral; 4. the white against the ethnic.
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